Contact Temperature Sensors

Temperature measurement is vital in all process industrial applications. 

Contact Temperature Sensors are temperature sensors which are required to be in physical contact with the object being sensed and use conduction to monitor changes in temperature. They can be used to detect solids, liquids or gases over a wide range of temperatures.

We at Reliablesensors offer a wide range of Contact Temperature Sensors and related Accessories – Thermocouples, RTDs, Thermowells, Gauges, Calibration Equipments, Nickel and Thermocouple Alloy.


Reliable offers High Accurate Thermocouples for variety of applications

Resistance Temperature Sensors

Reliablesensors  offers High Accurate RTDs for General and Critical applications


Reliable offer both Temperature and Pressure Gauges for various application areas such as Oil and Gas fields.


Reliable offers Protection Tubes , Flanges, Compression Fittings, Bayonets, Seal Pots and Connectors for the safe and proper functioning of the temperature sensor.


Reliable  offer a wide choice of thermowells and variety of protection tubes.

Cables & Wires

We have our modern Cable Plant equipped with latest technologies, to sustain and enhance the company’s reputation by supplying quality products at competitive prices in National & International market by exceeding customers expectations through continual improvement.

Today, Reliable has evolved as a leading Cable Company, boasting an extensive range of Instrumentation & Control Cables, Wires, Other Special Cables, Sleeves, Mineral Insulated Metal Sheathed Cables. We produce all standard & customized requirements for different kind of industries/ applications. Our Cables are manufactured strictly in accordance with applicable National & International Standards. Our processes are designed to ensure consistency to maintain good quality.

Instrumentation Signal Cables

High Temperature Cables

Special Cables & Sleeves

RTD Cables

Heat Resistance Cables

Fire Survival Cables

LV Power Cables

Mineral Insulated Cables

Lead Wires/Hookup Wires

LV Control Cables

Thermocouple Cables

Industrial Heaters

Reliable offers industrial heating solutions for processes which can be broadly classified as low-temperature (to about 400 °C), medium-temperature (between 400 and 1,150 °C), and high-temperature (beyond 1,150 °C).

Low-temperature processes include baking and drying, curing finishes, soldering, molding and shaping plastics. Medium temperature processes include melting plastics and some non-metals for casting or reshaping, as well as annealing, stress-relieving and heat-treating metals. High-temperature processes include steel making, brazing, welding, casting metals, cutting, smelting and the preparation of some chemicals.

All products offered are ISO 9001:2008, CE and UL certified.

Component Heaters

Component Heaters are available in different model types common types are cartridge heaters, silicon rubber heater etc.

Process Heaters

Process heaters are in direct contact with the process and transfer heat through convection or radiant heat transfer

Furnace Heaters

Furnace heaters include Bobbin Heater, Edge Wound Heater, Silicon Carbide heater etc.

Non Contact Temperature Sensors

Non Contact Type temperature measurement involves determining temperature of object surface without direct contact with the surface. Reliablesensors offers both single point and area inspection model devices which are infrared thermometers and infrared camera and industrial furnace monitoring camera.

Advantages of Non Contact Measurement

  • Measurement of moving, hard-to-reach, or very hot objects
  • Very short measurement and response times
  • Non-destructive measurement
  • Longevity of measuring point; no wear and tear
  • Option of measuring even at high voltages, electromagnetic fields or aggressive materials



Thermal Imagers

Human Body Temperature Measurement

Furnace Monitoring Cameras

Calibration Equipments

Reliable offers complete range of temperature calibration equipments for calibration of Contact Type Sensors (Thermocouple, RTD) and Non Contact Type Sensors (Pyrometer). Our Calibration range is from -196°C to 3200°C

Temperature sensors with time are subject to thermal, mechanical and chemical stress which leads to drift from original sensed values. For this reason timely calibration of Temperature sensors is a pre requisite to get exact process values. Keeping this in mind we offer Dry block Temperature Calibrators, Liquid Baths, Blackbody Calibrators, Reference Junctions and Master Sensors which aid the end user in the optimum functioning of their temperature sensors.

The calibrators are available in both Portable and Laboratory models. These highly accurate & reliable units are offered at very competitive prices. We at Reliable offer both in house and on site calibration for our valuable customers.

Non Contact Type Calibrators

Black Body Temperature Calibrators for calibration of Pyrometers and Thermal Imagers


Measuring Instruments

Measuring Instruments Reliable make Precision thermometers and Temperature indicators that are used for both field as well laboratory applications.


Contact Type Calibrators

Liquid Bath and Dry Block Temperature Calibrators for Thermocouples, RTD Calibration


Reference Standard Sensors

Reliablesensors offers a range of master temperature sensors comprising of SPRT’s PRT’s of thermocouple with accredited certificate

Customised Calibration Equipments

Reliable offer Customised Calibration Equipments as per the customer requirement and application.


Temperature Reference Units

Reliable offer Reference Junction that eliminates ice bath and used in industries and laboratories.


Automatic Calibration Systems

Reliable make Automatic Temperature Calibration System for the thermocouple and RTD’s.



We at Reliable manufacture both Industrial and Laboratory Furnace and Ovens for varied applications which include sintering,annealing, tempering and calcination. The furnaces and ovens manufactured come in varied sizes and volume as per the application requirement.

The furnaces and ovens offered are classified in two categories

  • Industrial Furnace and Ovens
  • Laboratory Furnace and Ovens

Laboratory Furnaces

Industrial Furnaces

Laboratory and Industrial Ovens

Microwave Furnaces